Reckon Accounts Personal Plus Upgrade
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Reckon Accounts Personal Plus Upgrade

Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2018 Upgrade Licence †

Reckon Personal Plus is an all-in-one resource to help you manage your  personal finances and investment portfolio. What comes in, what goes  out, what you have saved, and what you have budgeted. Get the tools to  understand where your money goes, and empower yourself to set and  achieve your financial goals.

Manage your money

Understand where your money goes and where you can cut back. Create budgets, track spending, discover new ways to save.

Monitor your investments

Track your investments. Download share prices and stay up-to-date with the performance of your portfolio.

Plan for the future

Get an accurate snapshot of your personal financial health and net worth. Know where you’re at and how you can improve.

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Report on money in and out .Create and manage budgets. Monitor investments.Superannuation tracking
Customisable reports. Reconcile accounts. Handles multiple currencies

Popular features to help you manage your finances

Manage expenses

Manage your finances

Track bank accounts, credit cards, income and expenses. Schedule bills and recurring transactions, such as direct debits and your salary.

export to report to excel with formulas

Track your investments

Monitor all of your personal and business investments, including share ownership, term deposits and superannuation.

export to report to excel with formulas

Monitor the Stock Market

Download share prices daily from the ASX and NZX to stay up-to-date with the performance of your portfolio

Manage loans

Manage home, car, personal, and other loans. See how much principal and interest you have paid off and simulate extra payments.

tax time

Prepare for tax time

Ease the pain of tax time by categorising items that are in line with the ATO questions to help you prepare your tax returns.

Inventory tracking

Plan for the future

Use budgeting tools to create budgets based on previous years’ figures and undertake ‘scenario analysis’ to adjust the figures.

Bank transactions are now directly imported from within Reckon Accounts. You don’t have to login to your bank and import them manually

Savings planner

Plan your savings goal and track actual savings. Enter expected and actual expenditure for each category to see if you have met your saving goals.

Job management

Home Inventory

An organised record of your possessions. Scan and save receipts, warranties, photos, etc for easy retrieval insurance and estate planning.

Store up to 1 million customers, suppliers and inventory lists combined

Carbon Footprint Calculator

See how your activities impact the environment with your personal carbon footprint calculator.