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AdvanceDocs PDF Creator

Advanced docs sold as annual subscription.  No fright charges for this software.

Reduce the risk associated with sending unprotected documents to your clients. With AdvanceDocs, you can combine documents from multiple sources into one document, re-ordering whole documents or individual pages, and hide pages not required for distribution.

Documents can be grouped, organised and encrypted, then simultaneously emailed or faxed to a client and saved as a permanent record. It’s as simple as clicking on the Print button to convert any document to PDF, including; cover letters, Tax Returns, Financial accounts, Depreciation Schedules scanned client letters; scanned source documents; scanned ATO assessments.

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With AdvanceDocs you can:- 

  • Create PDF documents from any software program 
  • Create one combined PDF using output from many different programs and scanned images easily 
  • Set up integration to auto-save into Notes & Links in Quicken Elite (recommended), Advance and Act! software. 
  • Send by email or desktop fax to clients 
  • Add watermarks such as ’Draft’ or ‘Confidential’ to documents 
  • Secure documents against unauthorised changes, printing and copying 
  • Stamps and ‘Sign Here’ stickers can be applied to all pages or selected pages 
  • Import other stamps such as company logos or scanned signatures and apply to pages 
  • Create table of contents (Bookmarks) in final PDF document 
  • Add page numbers to collated documents 
  • PDF to Word® conversion with EDIT capability 
  • Scanner to PDF 
  • Redaction (find and hide) enables you to find text and either remove it or block it out

Consider the steps you may go through to collate a client’s tax return with supporting information before sending to the client and filing. 



To Create
  1.  Print out Tax Return 
  2. Print out Cover Letter 
  3. Print out Financials 
  4. Print out any supporting documentation 
  5. Collate (manual) 
  6. Put in envelope, stamp and send (post) 
  7. File in paper file 

To Create
  1. Print Tax Return and all supporting documentation to AdvanceDocs  
  2. Select Order of Documents 
  3. Click Process to automatically create a single, secure PDF file and email or fax to client and save against client’s Notes & Links in Quicken Elite in one easy step. 
 To Retrieve 
  1. Go to filing cupboard 
  2. 2.Locate file 
  3. Search through file until document is found 
  To Retrieve 
  1. From your desk 
  2. Select client in Quicken Elite Central 
  3. Select file from Notes & Links 

AdvanceDocs reduces the number of steps and the time taken to perform each step as well as eliminating the paper trail by providing a capture and sorting mechanism which works like a manual "in-tray". This eliminates unnecessary printing (thereby reducing paper) and manual handling of documents. In addition, AdvanceDocs promotes better client service through faster delivery and response.