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Quicken Professional Partner

logo OLG Bookkeeping - Gold Coast Bookkeeping English Gold Coast Accountant
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Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan Bookkeeping - MYOB & Quick Books Specialists

GST, PAYG, BAS Preparation and Lodgement, Payroll, Setup, Super. Sale Software Online
Phone: 0433625216 | Email: olgbookkeeping.com.au


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose OLG Bookkeeping?

> Reliable, affordable bookkeeping services
> Experienced in taxation
> Experienced in variety of industries
> Experienced in working with different entities
> Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and lodgement with ATO
> Choosing the most cost effective method for each individual client


Are you qualified to prepare Business Activity Services (BAS)?

Yes, we are fully qualified for preparation, lodgement, giving advice on BAS to clients, software training. OLG Bookkeeping meets BAS services formal requirements.


Within which areas OLG Bookkeeping provides services?

We provide locally and by distance (remote bookkeeping) anywhere in Australia. Locally we cover areas: Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed heads.


Do I need an appointment?

Not necessary. We can arrange everything over the phone or by email. We will need to ask you some basic questions at that time.

If I employ a bookkeeper who does all bookkeeping work, can I use OLG Bookkeeping services just for preparation and lodgement of BASs?

Yes, we will check the work, prepare and submit BASs to ATO on your behalf.


Why should I outsource a bookkeeper?

By employing a bookkeeper you need to take care of superannuation, PAYG, sick leave, as well as solving different issues with employees. A contractor or part time bookkeeper can decide to change jobs and you have to deal with recruitment and training again. When you outsource bookkeeping services such problems do not exist, you reduce employment related expenses and eliminate issues associated with it including resignation and absences. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your business rather than your books, improving profitability and maximising return on the funds invested in the business.


If I do some bookkeeping work myself?

We can check this work for you, prepare and submit BAS to ATO, give an advice on BAS matters. We can help you to set up everything or we can provide ongoing monitoring services including preparation and submission of financial accounts to your tax accountant after the end of the financial year.


What if I am years behind, my books are a mess and I did not manage to keep my books in order for years?

We will help you to sort it out no matter how far behind you are. If your services subject to GST we will prepare and lodge all outstanding BASs with ATO. Your financial accounts will be up to date.


Why should I use remote bookkeeping sending information to different state when I can use a local bookkeeper?

> You do not need to find extra space and computer for a bookkeeper in your office. You do not have to deal with employment issues either.

> It can be cheaper for you, less time consuming. You do not have to deal with appointments, travel or sometimes even computer software (depending on your business needs). The cost of express post envelope can substitute all these expenses. If you do not have time to send documents, you have too many of documents or they are not sorted out we can arrange a pick up for you and bring it back everything completed.

> It will not be always the case sending documents, sometimes we can exchange information using email, scanning, faxing and our secure website.

> OLG Bookkeeping rates are highly competitive that suit almost every business. Professionally accredited we provide services up to standards. In addition to receiving reliable and qualified bookkeeping services you can save money on bookkeeping fees.

How OLG Bookkeeping obtain the data file when working remotely?

There are several ways that available to transfer information including a data file electronically or by post. It will depend on the circumstances and your choice which method the best for you.


How long does OLG Bookkeeping work on my data file if I use bookkeeping by distance (remote bookkeeping)?

It depends on your requirements, how soon you need it back. We can complete it within one day upon receiving the file, depending on the volume.






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